6 Reasons Why You Need to Own a Pool Cleaner

Are you a pool owner who thinks you don’t need a pool cleaner? Well, we’ll convince you otherwise! Today, you’ll know why these devices are beneficial for you as a pool owner, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool.

But first, let’s take a look at the different kinds of pool cleaners on the market.

Types of Pool Cleaners

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Pool cleaners help you enjoy clear and sanitary pool water for a more fun swimming activity. They’re categorized into three types namely suction or suction-side, pressure or pressure-side, and robotic. Suction cleaners work like a vacuum, sucking the debris and dirt in your pool. They’re the most affordable type of cleaner and is the most uncomplicated to use as well. Pressure pool cleaners use the pressure from the pool water to produce a suction function. These cleaners utilize pressure to move around your pool. Lastly, robotic cleaners are the most advanced kind of cleaner and are the most expensive ones too. They work on their own, independent from your pool’s filter and pump and can be remote controlled. They are the most efficient cleaners on the market today. Robotic cleaners, also known as automatic cleaners, also work faster than the other two types. They make pool cleaning hassle-free. Pool owners love this kind because they’re the best among the rest.

Now that you know the kinds of cleaners available for your pool, it’s high time to understand why you need them.

Benefits of Pool Cleaners

They save time

Pool cleaners eliminate the need for manual cleaning using a pool brush, giving you more time to do other stuff that is more important. Robotic cleaners, for instance, work quicker, allowing you to enjoy the pool sooner. Instead of spending the whole day scrubbing the pool floor, you can leave that job to the ever-reliable pool cleaners and devote that time to relax or do other household chores.

They’re cost-efficient


Contrary to what others believe, hiring someone to clean your pool doesn’t save more money compared to getting a pool cleaner. This is significantly true if you’re using the pool often, say, during warm days. A pool cleaner is an investment worthy to be bought because it can save you the trouble of having to contact an expert frequently and spend again for their services. A pool cleaner doesn’t need a tip, too!

If you’re a pool owner who wishes to save money, get yourself a cleaner. It becomes more accessible, convenient, and beneficial as time passes by. Robotic cleaners also reduce the use of chemicals. They cut down the number of cleaning products you need to use and pump into your water system. How do they do these automatic machines do that? By distributing the products evenly and more efficiently in your pool.

Aside from that, pool cleaners require minimal maintenance, thereby having low maintenance costs as well. Really, you’ll be surprised by how they can effectively reduce your utility expenses regardless of whether these cleaners are dealing with a commercial pool or a residential pool. Read our article about how to properly maintain a pool cleaner to know more.

They’re energy-efficient

When we talk about robotic cleaners, it’s only reasonable to talk about energy efficiency as well. These cleaners come with a feature that enables them to switch off on their own after a certain amount of time. This is an impressive built-in function that saves energy. Imagine not having to check the cleaner once in a while just to see if it’s done with its job. Now, you don’t have to babysit and worry about having to deal with a huge electricity bill.

They’re awesome at cleaning

Dolphin Premier RoboticWith pool cleaners by your side, you no longer have to think about the debris, dirt, sediments, algae, bacteria, and other nasty stuff. That’s because pool cleaners are designed to get rid of the deposits and waste efficiently. Cleaning won’t be taxing anymore thanks to them, and the job becomes a lot easier to handle.

The suction tool found in pool cleaners allow them to sweep away even the tiniest debris on the pool floor, and most cleaners also have a scrub function that can wipe out algae and bacteria.

Moreover, robotic cleaners have a pathfinding tech that enables them to climb stairs and walls as they clean. These cleaners are becoming smarter by the minute and their ability to clean your entire pool increases by the minute too. This technology and suction feature in pool cleaners aren’t limited to surfaces alone; now they can clean your walls and stairs automatically without you needing to adjust them. Because of this, robotic cleaners make the perfect pool companions as they won’t leave any dirty spot uncleaned. Even the difficult to reach areas in your pool can be cleaned and treated with the care they deserve thanks to the bristles and suction in automatic cleaners. In short, they clean the spots you want to get cleaned.


They protect the floor of your pool

These cleaners also prevent your pool floor from tearing out easily by keeping your floor clean. Remember that cleaning the pool regularly can help maintain the proper pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels of your pool. And if your pool water contains the right chemical levels, they won’t be cloudy. Because let’s just be honest, no pool owner and no swimmer wants to deal with cloudy pool water.

They safeguard your pool from contamination

swimming-poolSay goodbye to bacteria! Pool cleaners protect you and your family from the bacteria and virus that can be found in filthy pool water. These devices prevent the buildup of algae and molds on your pool floor, which may cause the swimmers to slip. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a swimming pool accident, would you? Pool cleaners don’t just keep your pool sanitized; they also keep your pool safe for swimmers.


Pool cleaners are obviously crucial partners of your pool. Before choosing one, however, remember to consider the type and size of the pool you have. Each pool has different needs, so be sure the cleaner you’ll purchase can cater to all the needs of your pool. If you have an irregularly shaped in-ground pool, I suggest you get yourself a robotic cleaner because they have scanners that enable them to adjust to the pool’s shape.