Baracuda G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner Review



The Baracuda G3 has been known to be a head turner in the pool cleaning industry because of its distinct design. But that’s not the main reason why it’s popular. The Baracuda G3 offers exceptional features that any pool owner would want from a pool cleaner. It’s durable, quiet, reliable, and easy to install. This machine sure has different tricks up its sleeve. So, let’s skip the long intro and proceed to its specs, features, perks, drawbacks, and reviews.


Size 41.5 x 8 x 18 inches
Cycle time 3 hours
Weight 19 lbs.
Hose length There are 12 hoses you can connect that equal to 39 feet.
Pool Surface All pool surfaces (tile, vinyl, gunite, fiberglass)
Manufacturer Baracuda
Item Model Number W03000
Warranty 1 year for the unit,

2 years for the hose

Amazon Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars

Features of the Product

All-Around Cleaning

This pool cleaner can collect small- and medium-sized debris and dirt, thereby enhancing the water flow and leaving the floor, ladder, and steps ultraclean.

Long-Life Diaphragm

This feature offers top-quality performance because it has only one moving part that drives the cleaning mechanism. There are no gears, flippers, and wheels you’ll have to worry about. The diaphragm is so durable; you no longer need to worry about high-cost maintenance. Plus, it works quietly.

36-Fin Disc

Everybody is curious about the disc. Well, Baracuda G3’s disc is tailored to make sure there is total connection and adhesion between the cleaner and the surface of the pool. This eliminates hang-ups on fittings, lights, and drain covers. Impressive, isn’t?

Wheel Deflector

This ensures that there is improved agility for when the cleaner is dealing with tight corners. The anti-stick design and wheel deflector enable the cleaner to navigate easily around steps and ladders too.

Patented Quick Release Cassette

This is the quick and easy access to the diaphragm which makes maintenance hassle-free.

Quiet Operation

Unlike other suction-side cleaners, the Baracuda G3 operates silently by working with low-speed pumps.

The FlowKeeper Valve

This feature regulates the flow of water in your pool and makes sure that the cleaning process would still be effective even if you use a low-powered pump.

The 39-foot Long Hose

The durable hose of the Baracuda G3 prides itself on its scuff resistance, eliminating scuffs on any surface.

Why Should You Buy the Baracuda G3 W03000?


baracuda-g3-pool-cleanerIt’s worthy of the price.

The Baracuda G3 doesn’t just clean all surfaces—vinyl, tile, gunite, fiberglass—it also doesn’t get stuck, unlike most automatic pool cleaners. This machine also comes from Zodiac, which is a trusted brand in the industry. It has been recognized for its advanced technology and excellent customer service.

The Baracuda G3 will leave your pool sparkling clean in just three hours so that you can use your pool immediately. The benefits attached to it outnumber the disadvantages, and you’ll see that in the next section. What’s important is that this cleaner is dependable, and because of its quality, it will surely last long before wearing and tearing. Need to invest in a sturdy cleaner? Get yourself the Baracuda G3 W03000, and you won’t be disappointed.

Pros & Cons

No machine is perfect. We’re all aware of that, which is why we’ll have to consider the pros and cons of the Baracuda G3 as well.


  • It efficiently vacuums small and medium leaves.
  • It can deal with any pool surface.
  • It’s proven to be durable, lasting for years.
  • It can save you money because it’s cheaper to maintain compared to other cleaners.
  • It has no complicated wheels or gears that need replacements, thanks to its one-moving-part tech.
  • The disc enables it to stick well to pool surfaces.
  • It has a quick-release cassette design.
  • It regulates the water flow.
  • It can climb and clean pool walls.
  • It’s affordable.


  • The warranty is short.
  • Large leaves tend to get stuck inside the diaphragm.
  • You’ll have to clean the pump filter and the pump’s strainer basket often to prevent clogging caused by lots of collected leaves or dirt.
  • It can get stuck on an elevated anti-vortex main drain.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

baracuda g3

The Baracuda G3 was loved by many customers because it could pick up leaves in the pool with ease. According to some customers, it’s efficient even when working with an oddly-shaped pool. Many pool owners also praised the solid construction of this pool cleaner. They say it’s a must-buy because of its easy setup and first-class performance of cleaning the entire pool. The reliability of the Baracuda G3 has impressed a lot of people as well because it has exceeded their expectations. Most customers feel blessed that they don’t have to deal with filters when working with the Baracuda. Even above-ground pool owners love this cleaner! Some were also surprised to know how well this works, saying they should’ve picked this up sooner. Their pools have never looked so good before!

On the other hand, there are a number of complaints about the product. For one, some customers say it hangs up so often at the edge of their pool stairs. This problem, however, can be corrected by making a couple adjustments to the vacuum control valve and altering the route of the flow from the pool’s jets. Some have noticed that it also frequently freezes in only one part of the pool. Some deliveries also had missing pieces. According to some clients, it can’t deal with large waxy leaves well. A few customers complained that it stopped working after only a few days. Although it’s a great pool vacuum, pool owners were disappointed about how it always gets stuck at the main drain and corners of an irregularly-shaped pool.


Are you skeptical about purchasing the Baracuda G3? It’s normal. Many customers also read negative reviews about the products but were later on satisfied with what they got. The Baracuda G3 may have a few negative characteristics, but with its simplicity and quality performance, it remains to be one of the best automatic pool cleaners on the market today. With over 1,500 positive reviews, it’s safe to say it’s a worthy investment for its price.