Best Suction Pool Cleaners 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a suction side pool vacYou’ve probably had enough of hiring pool maintenance companies every time you need your pool cleaned. It’s very expensive in the long run. Or using those irksome wands that take up your precious time and energy. You figure it is now time for a change. Having done your research, you have arrived at the conclusion that there’s only one way forward; the suction pool cleaner. A worthy conclusion. But with the numerous suction pool cleaners in the market, it is downright overwhelming to know which one exactly would be best for your pool. You want one with as many benefits as possible. A time saver. Working on its own, it should set you free to attend to other valuable things. Like, take your coffee, for instance. It should be able to get to every nook and cranny of your pool. And no matter how murky or swampy your pool is, it should leave it meticulously spic and span once done with scrubbing. Great, for below is precisely what you yearn for; the five best suction cleaners. And a buyer’s guide for good measure.

Our Favorite Products of 2019

ModelPriceWeightEditor Rating
Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut
Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut
(Top Pick)

Check Price
19 lbs4.9/5
Hayward Poolvergnuegen
Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-013

Check Price
16 lbs4.7/5
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
18 lbs4.6/5
Pentair 360042 Kreepy
Pentair 360042 Kreepy

Check Price
18 lbs4.2/5
XtremepowerUS 75037
XtremepowerUS 75037

Check Price
12 lbs3.9/5

5 Best Suction Pool Cleaners – Reviews:

1. Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut Suction Pool Cleaner – Top Pick

Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut

If you’ve been having trouble cleaning your very large pool, then it’s time to finally smile. This cleaner has come to your aid. The 4-wheel drive ensures vast pools are exhaustively covered. Even the most unevenly surfaced pool will be spotless owing to its adjusted roller skirt. Your pool has got large debris? No problem. The V-Flex technology it employs makes passage of such debris a cinch. And that’s without any annoying breakdowns due to clogging. It also guarantees that it works at optimum power depending on the flow. Covering both the shallow and deep ends won’t be a predicament anymore. This is by virtue of the multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences that are installed in the devices. The internal steering sequences ensure your pool’s walls, corners and steps are sparkling too. Twigs sometimes prove problematic for this cleaner.

This cleaner is a far cry from other suction pool cleaners. Its durability, effectiveness and state-of-the-art technology make it the best suction pool cleaner. This is definitely one of the best suction pool cleaners out there right now.

  • Easily picks up large debris.
  • Uneven surfaces are well cleaned.
  • Suited for all kinds of debris.
  • Works at maximum power for any flow speed.
  • Cleans walls.
  • Infrequent jams
  • Hayward customer service.
  • Twigs can sometimes hinder its movement.

2. Hayward Poolvergnuegen Suction Pool Cleaner – The Runner-up

Hayward Poolvergnuegen

Great for average sized pools, the Hayward Poolvergnuegen popularity among customers is no fluke. It leverages the self-adjusting turbine vanes to maximize power from the water flow. The technology also enables it to move easily even in low pressure or low suction areas. It’s folding vanes easily permit large debris to pass through. Negotiate corners is easy thanks to the internal programmed steering system. It works by reversing the left wheel allowing it to conveniently change directions. The powerful tire treads ensure it is capable of maneuvering even the most uneven surfaces. It’s just too many perks for one device, don’t you think? And that’s not all. The pool cleaner is equipped with humps in its front tires so getting up the pool steps is a piece of cake. That it retains maximum suction even when obstacles are in the way is absolutely incredible. This is on account of the patented adjustable skirts they possess. It, however, has a few drawbacks. Sometimes it gets stuck up on obstacles until you manually move it. There have been claims of ineffective climbing of walls. Finally, you can always turn to the network of Hayward service centers for assistance at any time.

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Completely silent
  • Covers the entire pool
  • Cleaning of walls is a problem beyond a certain height
  • Occasionally getting stuck on obstacles

3. BARACUDA G3 W03000 Suction Side Pool Vacuum – Best for the Money


Are you on a budget? This cleaner will come to your rescue. Get your pool surface sparkling at a remarkably low investment. Power and quiet are precisely what you get with this cleaner. Having only one moving part, the Long-Life Diaphragm, this cleaner is extremely easy to use. Its 36-finned disc not only clings to any surfaces but also cleans them faster due to its large surface area. You will find it easy to set up this cleaner. This cleaner’s agility is another benefit you will savor. It navigates almost all corners with ease. And the wheel deflector is always there to get it through obstacles. To attain maximum cleaning efficiency, low-speed pumps are recommended for this cleaner. It sucks in the small and medium-sized debris effortlessly. This is due to its ability to maintain an optimal cleaning performance regardless of the power of the pumps. The automatic and self-adjusting FlowKeeper valve sees to this by controlling the flow of water. Large debris and tough leaves tend to clog the diaphragm. Sometimes it moves only around the periphery of the pool leaving the middle untouched. The disadvantages notwithstanding, this cleaner is quite a bargain.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Works great even with a less powerful pump.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Solid construction.
  • Large debris can choke the diaphragm.

4. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Pool Vac

Pentair 360042 Kreepy

A standout feature about the Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly is the guidance the dive float directional system offers. It ensures not only exhaustive cleaning but also that the cleaner covers every inch of the pool. This cleaner keeps it simple. Its “one moving part” design, gets rid of the complexities that result from many moving parts such as gears, wheels, and flippers. This also reduces the maintenance cost by a huge margin. I mean, you don’t have to worry about spare wheels, gears, and stuff like that with this cleaner. Moreover, maneuvering through ladders and steps is convenient with the Pentair thanks to the roller strap that comes with it. Its unique wings direct dirt and debris straight into the filtration system. Working automatically, you do not have to frequently keep an eye on it. Instead, it frees you to attend to other responsibilities. Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate having one less responsibility? Besides, you do not need to buy a pump to get it working. It’s got its defects too. It sometimes gets stuck on the steps. It requires occasional supervision. It is also a little bit slower than its counterparts.

  • Booster pump not required.
  • Great at scrubbing walls.
  • Easy to install.
  • Gets stuck on pool steps
  • Needs occasional supervision.
  • A bit slow.

5. XtremepowerUS 75037 Suction Side

XtremepowerUS 75037

While very easy to set up, you will have to pay top dollar to maintain this cleaner. Its rapid movements around the pool ensuring your pool is well covered and cleaned. Unfortunately, frequent complaints among customers of clogging are not doing this cleaner any good. It has a bit of a learning curve at the beginning but once you catch on, it is extremely easy to use. If your pool is very shallow then you would do better without this cleaner. Anything below 3ft deep and this cleaner will not work. Leaves and big debris are also not picked effectively with this cleaner. Navigating between the shallow and the deep end is at times a bit problematic with this cleaner. On occasion, you might find it stuck on one end of the pool. Wall climbing is not exactly its forte either. If you intend to get your pools walls spotless, then this cleaner is out of the question. It is indeed very cheap. So, if you feel that at that price, the frequent maintenance cost you will incur is a small price to pay then go ahead; get this bad boy.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • Frequent clogging.
  • Not great for shallow or very deep pools.
  • Large debris not picked.

Buyer’s Guide

The information here will serve you well in understanding the intricacies and eccentricities mysterious ways of suction pool cleaners. This will aid you a lot as you try to find one that suits you.  But first, pool cleaners in general. There are various ways to get your pool clean.

Automated pool cleaners

They are similar to vacuum cleaners, only that water is utilized here instead of the air. The principle working is by the suction of water into the device, sucking in debris as well. The automated pool cleaners are classified into three main categories.

Pressure pool cleaner

It makes use of the pressure of water room the return line of the pool. It, therefore, has to be attached to the pool return side. A secondary pump boosts the pressure of the pool water aiding debris intake by this pool cleaner. The higher the water pressure the more efficient the cleaning. The pressure generally agitates and disturbs the dirt particles while also moving the cleaner. Suspended, sucking them into the main filter via skimmer inlets is a cinch. The debris is then directed to a filter bag. The major drawback of pressure-side pool cleaners is the high electricity consumption as a result of the booster pumps. Sometimes, it is exasperating, to say the least, connecting the cleaner to the main pump.

Robotic pool cleaner

It is the most advanced among automatic pool cleaners. Working independent of the main filter pump, it has its own electricity source. It’s got two motors. One to draw the water in through a filter bag. The other facilitates extraction of debris from the pool floor and walls. This is through a rubber or synthetic track that scrubs the pool floor. The track is often also utilized to navigate steps. It is also equipped with a filter cartridge to collect the debris and, of course, a cable to the power source. A huge benefit of this pool cleaners is their low maintenance costs. Some of them incorporate an intelligent scanning system for more advanced cleaning. However, they are a little pricey compared to other pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaner

With a hose attached to the pool’s skimmer, it creates a vacuum that sucks in particles into the skimmer. The suction pressure is as a result of a pump. Certain designs come with brushes that serve to loosen and dislodge debris. While inexpensive and easy to install, suction-side pool cleaners have a lower lifespan compared to the other two.

Manual Pool Cleaners

They comprise a vacuum head attached to a telescopic pole. A hose is also connected. They are then connected to a suction fitting found on the pool wall. You have to manually move it around the pool. They are unsurprisingly the least expensive kind of cleaners. Dragging it around the pool is certainly an arduous task. And it takes forever to clean the pool.

Other types of pool cleaners

Besides automated and manual pool cleaners, there are a few other types of pool cleaners

In-floor cleaning systems

Have you worked with an in-ground sprinkler before? In-floor cleaning systems work on similar principles. They comprise of jets of water rising from the pool’s floor. The pressure drags large debris towards the main drain where they get filtered out. The smaller ones get suspended and are filtered out by the system’s circulation system. Installation of the in-floor cleaning system is quite some work, not to mention their high prices. Once installed, however, these systems do not need maintenance.


Used for small pools such as children’s pools, wands are manually operated or battery-powered. Spas and hot tubs are also suitable for these devices. Small in size, they can be handheld or attached to telescopic poles.

Things to consider when choosing

Amount and type of debris

If medium size debris is your main concern, then the suction poo

Pool type

Due to their electricity demands, suction pool cleaners are more preferable for small and medium-sized pools. That said, they are also great mostly for in-ground pools. If your pool surface is concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite then these cleaners will satisfy you. If your pool floor is either gunite or concrete, carefully assess the vacuum specifications of the cleaners. Be sure that they are well suited for your pool floor.

Booster pump

The pool’s vacuum system plays an important role when working with suction pool cleaners. The cleaners are connected directly to the filtration system. For some cleaners though, a booster pump might be needed to speed up the flow in the filtration system. So, before you make the purchase it is crucial to determine whether it requires a booster pump to function efficiently or not.

Hose type

The role of a hose cannot be understated. During cleaning, the hose is usually abraded and scraped on the pool floors and walls. This could easily damage the hose which could then lead to inefficient cleaning. It is therefore imperative that you purchase a suction side pool cleaner with hose sections that are scuff-resistant.

Pool floor and wall coverage

If your challenge is not only the pool’s floor but also the walls, then you need to extra careful when buying suction pool cleaners. While they are known to scrub the floors thoroughly, some fail miserably when it comes to the walls, or get stuck on the ladders. In addition, you have to ensure that it has great adhesion for meticulous cleaning.


The cost of a suction pool cleaner often speaks volumes about its efficiency. Different cleaners employ different technologies to take pool cleaning to the next level. One moving part technology, aqua pilot steering, and smart drive steering are a few of these state-of-the-art technologies. The more advanced the technology, the more efficient and the pricier the cleaner will be.

Quiet operation

some suction pool cleaners have a buzzing sound during the operation that you will have to contend with. Others, however, are very silent you might even forget your pool is being cleaned. The silent ones are popular since the noise can get a bit annoying at times, or even ruin your comfort.

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There you have it! From the list, it’s no surprise that Hayward PHS41CST AquaNaut came out on top. The cutting-edge technologies it utilizes and its versatility make it every pool owners’ dream cleaner. BARACUDA G3 W03000 was the best for money. Fetching a pocket-friendly price, you will be over the moon after seeing its features and functioning. It gets the job done really well. Your confidence bolstered, making a decision on the suction pool cleaner that suits your pool should now be easy and uncomplicated. Now all you got to do is purchase one and enjoy. You nonetheless have to understand that you cannot expect its performance to be all rosy after purchase. You might run into a few problems here and there. A little tweaking and fixing should luckily get it up and running. That said, it’s time to have some fun at the pool.