How to Use, Handle, and Store Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals

Pool chemicals are used to treat pool water and keep them sanitized. They are needed for the maintenance of your pool. However, these chemicals, also used in spas, hot tubs, whirlpools, and wading pools, should be used and kept with caution because they can cause chemical burns if they’re mishandled. They can also be hazardous […]

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4 Steps on How to Properly Maintain Your Pool

Dolphin Premier Robotic

As a pool owner, it should be your priority to keep the pool safe and clean for both adults and children. To make sure your pool’s maintained properly, follow these steps: Clean the pool. If you’re going to do this step manually, then be sure to skim the surface of the pool as soon as […]

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The Right Way to Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Hayward PHS21CST Aquanaut 200

Have you been cleaning your pool manually all this time? Don’t you think it’s high time for an upgrade? Purchasing an automatic pool cleaner is a wise decision because it saves your time and it’s convenient. Also, they help you maintain your pool by completely cleaning it efficiently. An automatic pool cleaner is made to […]

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Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

kid swimming with floater

These reminders, along with a sane person’s common sense, will surely make your pool safe and entertaining for your family members–children and adults. WHAT TO CHECK: Check the local codes and ordinances for safety requirements. Consult an expert pool contractor to make sure the depth of your pool is enough for a slide or a […]

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