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Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a robotic model

If you have a dirty pool, you know that you need a robotic pool cleaner. These great machines take the hassle out of keeping your water crystal-clear and help make your pool like those that you see on TV. Shopping online is supposed to be equally easy, but the truth is that it’s no longer […]

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Types of Pool Cleaners: Robotic vs Suction vs Pressure – Which is Best for You?

Types of Pool Cleaners

Now that you’ve got your own swimming pool to enjoy, you’ve also got your own swimming pool to clean. And they do need cleaning! Lots of it. No one else is going to do it so it’s up to you. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of cleaners available and how […]

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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool

pool skimmer

Backyard swimming pools are fun.  They’re great for having friends and family over for a lazy day in the water without having to put up with the crowds at the beach or the city swimming pool.  But since it’s in your backyard, you’re the one who has to maintain it.  Maintaining your pool is relatively […]

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How to Prevent Your Pool Cleaner from Getting Stuck

The Polaris Vac Sweep 280

Cleaning your swimming pool is a never-ending task that has to be done on a regular basis.  The cleaner works by suction just like a regular vacuum cleaner, but instead of sucking in air, it sucks in water.  A strainer catches all the debris and the water is recirculated.  Now and then, the suction will […]

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How To Drain an Above-Ground Pool with Ease

If you need to drain an above-ground pool for any reason – to replace the old liner, because it needs cleaning, you didn’t winterize it properly, or for any other reason – it doesn’t have to be a major operation. For the most part, it’s actually fairly simple.  There are two different methods you can […]

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Best Above Ground Pool Ladders 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

The pool ladder may seem like a trivial purchase, but it’s actually a serious decision. A cheap pool ladder isn’t going to last very long. It may rust, come loose, develop sharp spots that can cause injury. Worst case scenario, the wrong pool ladder can be a serious safety concern. You don’t want that, and […]

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The Proper Way of Clearing Cloudy Pool Water


Can’t swim because of the milky, cloudy appearance of your pool’s water? Don’t worry; we have six practical steps for you! Step #1: Check the chemical levels of your pool Here are the recommended ranges: pH level 7.2 – 7.6 Calcium hardness 200 – 400 ppm (parts per million) Cyanuric acid 25 – 50 ppm […]

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How to Winterize an In-Ground Pool

pool with water level properly lowered

The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us, “To everything there is a season.”  That includes shutting down your swimming pool and preparing it to survive the cold winter months so it’ll be in good shape for the following spring.  If you shut it down and winterize it properly, starting it up again in the spring will […]

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Getting Your Dream Pool with a Low Budget

Dave Ramsey

When you’re in the mood to go swimming, getting everything together and bundling the family into the car to head for the water park, beach, or city pool can become such a headache, you find yourself wishing you had your own swimming pool.  But it turns out that your dream pool is a budget buster […]

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10 Common Swimming Pool Myths: Busted!

clear pool water

There are common myths most people have heard about swimming pools since they were kids.  Like most myths, there is little or no truth to them, or it’s been twisted so badly out of shape it’s not recognizable anymore.  Today, we’re going to help dispel some of those myths and clear up the confusion. 1. […]

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