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Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 vs 360: Which One’s Best?

cleaning leaves underwater

The Polaris 280 and 360 are, in many respects, the same pool cleaner. They’re built from the same basic design. They’re both designed to clean just about any size inground pool in a hurry (often in under three hours), and both are designed to pick up any-sized debris, from a grain of salt to an […]

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Hayward Poolvergnuegen “The Pool Cleaner” Review

the pool cleaner

Hayward Poolvergnuegen – A Quick Look Versatile tires Patented knobbed tires let this pool cleaner move around the pool, climbing over things like toys and tools on the pool’s floor while executing 90-degree turns to clean in hard-to-reach places. These tires also help keep traction as the Poolvergnuegen climbs walls, scraping algae and dirt as […]

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Polaris F9450 vs F9550: Which One’s Best?

Polaris F9550 filter

Polaris has two great, effective robotic pool cleaners in the F9450 and F9550. Both incorporate features that pool owners have for years been dreaming of. They are programmable and can change course mid-cleaning to get the job done more effectively and faster. They both have nice wide intake mouths and easy to empty debris canisters […]

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Polaris 380 vs Polaris 3900: Which One’s Best?

Polaris 3900 upper part

Once you wind your way through pressure-side pool cleaners, at the top you find the Polaris 380 and the 3900. The 380 is an improvement on Polaris’ popular 280 model, replacing the shaft-drive mechanism with a belted one. This cuts down on maintenance times and replacement part costs, adding benefits to an already well-received pressure-side […]

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Polaris 360 vs 380: Which One’s Best?

Polaris 380

Polaris took its highly popular, successful 280 model of pressure side pool cleaner and split it off into two different tool lines, the 360 and the 380. The 380 is basically the 280 but with three jets instead of two, which makes for faster, more complete cleaning. They also added a few hundred dollars to […]

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Dolphin Triton vs Nautilus: Which One’s Best?

Dolphin Nautilus

If you’re in the market for a robotic pool cleaner, you mean business. They are top-shelf pool cleaners, ones that spare your pool filtration system extra wear-and-tear and work fast to completely clean a pool. They’re also a lot more expensive than suction-side or pressure-side models. Dolphin’s Triton and Nautilus robotic pool cleaners are both […]

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Dolphin Nautilus CC vs Nautilus CC Plus: Which One’s Best?

Dolphin Nautilus CC with filter

It’s probably no surprise that the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Nautilus CC Plus are basically the same robotic pool cleaner, but that the Plus model comes with a couple of little extras … and a little extra cost. Both of them are excellent robotic pool cleaners that are highly regarded by other pool owners and […]

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Zodiac MX6 vs Zodiac MX8: Which One’s Best?

inside of mx6

Zodiac’s MX6 and MX8 pool cleaners are related models, with the MX6 being a more compact version of the MX8. Both are designed for small pools and to operate on a limited amount of suction power. Both do their jobs pretty adequately, with the choice put to consumers as to whether they want a smaller […]

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Polaris 280 vs 380: Which One’s Best?

Polaris 280 cleaning leaves

At first blush, you’d think that a comparison and contrast between Polaris’ 280 and 380 pressure side pool cleaners would be a no-brainer. The 380 is a newer version of the 280, and the 280 is still a great product line. So unless the people at Polaris lost their minds, it would have to be […]

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Zodiac Baracuda G3 Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

suction side pool cleaner

Zodiac Baracuda G3 – A Quick Look Quiet operation There are no moving parts for the Zodiac Baracuda G3. Connect it to the suction side of your pool’s circulation system and let it go. That means a simple, low-hassle operation. As a pool owner, that offers a pretty serious upside, which is quiet operation. The […]

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