Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review 2018


Dolphin Premier Robotic

As the flagship product for the whole Dolphin range, the 2018 Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool cleaner isn’t designed to disappoint. With the ever-reliable features attached to it, it has become the most sought-after and advanced robotic cleaner on the market today. It even has its own website that separates it from the other Dolphin robots manufactured by Maytronics! Purchase it, and you’ll be surprised by how it can live up to your expectations.

But before buying it, first, check out its specifications, features, pros and cons, and customer reviews.


Size 23.5x 19.5 x 14.5 inches
Weight 37 pounds
Manufacturer Maytronics
Wattage 180 watts
Navigation Microprocessor-controlled SmartNav learns pool
Surfaces Power scrubs and vacuums steps, walls, doors, and water lines
Operating cost Approx. 5 cents/hour
Warranty 3 years limited warranty
Amazon Avg. Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars

Features of the Product


This feature offers four kinds of media in one cleaner. These types are standard cartridges, micro-cartridges, oversized debris bag, and disposable debris bags. This makes Dolphin Premier Robotic unique and ideal for any job. Regardless of the media type you select; you’ll end up with a clean pool. If you want to get rid of algae and debris, choose micro-filter. If you need to get rid of leaves, choose the oversized bag. You could even change the type of media in a matter of seconds. How awesome is that?

SmartNav Robotic Scanning

dolphin premier_pool cleaner

The microprocessors in this cleaner allow it to measure and learn the size and shape of your pool, then applies an organized scanning pattern to clean all the areas in your pool in a short time. And that right there is what you call efficiency, my friends.

HyperGrip™ Rubber Tracks

The feature enables this cleaner to efficiently grip the wall of your pool—something you can’t expect from wheels. And because it can clean even your pool’s walls, you don’t have to use a lot of chemicals anymore. Plus, you can save water because there’ll be faster and fewer backwashes.

Patented Anti-Tangle Swivel

Everyone hates dealing with tangled cables. And Dolphin Premier Robotic understands pool owners. With no swivel, the cord will no longer be tangled. You’ll know once you use the product.

Superior Scrubbing

Dolphin Premier Robotic scrubs every square inch of your pool, including walls, coves, and the waterline. Even hard-to-reach places can be scrubbed and micro-filtered at 75 gallons per minute.

Ultra-Efficient DC Motors

Thanks to the 24-volt, brushless, and DC energy-efficient motors that run on 87% less power compared to AC booster pumps, you’ll be able to save energy. It runs on only 180 watts, and an hour costs only around 5 cents. And it doesn’t just go through every spot—it cleans every place thoroughly and quickly.

DIY Modular Engineering

This means you can quickly replace all the five modular components on your own in just minutes.

Why Should You Buy the Dolphin Premier Robotic?

dolphin premierIt’s worth the investment!

The advanced cleaning ability of Dolphin Premier Robotic removes the tiniest particles and most stubborn algae and biofilm. Besides, it has a 3-year warranty that can protect your investment for a long time.

Pros & Cons

Even though Dolphin Premier Robotic sounds too impressive, you still have to weigh the perks and drawbacks to make sure it’s the right pool cleaner for you.


  • Warranty – The extended warranty makes sure that if something goes wrong in the first three years, you can have it repaired or traded in. Once the warranty has expired, you can trade it in for a model that’s newer and better rather than fixing it.
  • It’s independent – No more babysitting! Dolphin Premier is what fully automatic really means. You don’t have to point it in the right direction or adjust the cable to prevent it from tangling. The SmartNav System allows it to clean every spot thoroughly, and the anti-tangle swivel enables it to go around freely.
  • It’s energy-efficient – Most pool cleaners utilize a lot of electricity, especially when they’re dealing with large pools. That’s not the case with Dolphin Premier. Its motors are so efficient they allow you to pay only around 15 cents for the entire cleaning process.
  • It’s efficient – Premier has a multimedia system that enables you to choose the type of operation for the kind of dirt you’re dealing with. Amazing, isn’t?


Despite all the pros, there are still drawbacks in the product. They are the following:

  • It has a high price – We can expect this from a high-quality machine. You can’t get all the fancy features by paying little. After all, the Premier offers the most innovative technology in the pool cleaning industry today, and it’s the latest model of the product. If you have a limited budget, you could settle for the older models; they won’t disappoint as well.
  • It’s a bit complicated to use – The manual is helpful, but you’ll have to make some effort to make sure that it does what it should do. Trying to figure it out takes a lot of time, but once you get it, you’ll have no more problems in the future.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

Most customers loved how it cleans quickly in just two and a half hours. They say the Premier cleans stuff they can’t even see, which makes the product efficient at cleaning. They were glad that the machine was able to pull dirt, leaves, particles, even pine needles and berries, from the pool instead of getting all the dirt, sucked up into the filter. Customers who switched from pressure and suction pool cleaners to this product were fascinated and satisfied as well. All in all, a lot of customers recommend it because it can climb and clean thoroughly.

However, some customers mentioned that the packaging was done poorly. Others reacted to the ridiculous price as well, saying it’s too much for the features it has. Some users also say it’s difficult to clean, and that the customer service is terrible.


Whatever product you want to get your hands on, there will always be a few problems. That’s because these machines aren’t made to be perfect, they’re made to be convenient and ideal. Taking everything into account, the Dolphin Premier Robotic would be an excellent investment for any pool owner. Sure, it might be costly, but the price is worth it because your pool will get the cleaning it deserves.