Getting Your Dream Pool with a Low Budget

The summer season and warm days call for nothing but swimming pools, swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen. To beat the heat of the sun, most families take a drive to the nearest pool or beach just to feel cool. And since packing clothes and loading stuff (plus kids) in the car aren’t hassle-free, the swimming activity might seem more tiring than fun. But imagine having your own pool in your backyard; a pool you can dip in any time of the day after just a few steps from your back door. Wouldn’t it be convenient and way better?

Owning a pool might sound expensive for most families, but really, you can get your dream pool without having to spend much. That’s because there are quality pools that are affordable, and we have four tips for you that’ll help decrease the cost you need to withdraw from your bank account. So, are you ready for your backyard paradise? Read on!

Small Is Better Than Zero


Having a small pool is better than owning no pool at all. If you have a limited budget, start small. Take pride in what you can afford, rather than owning a pool that’s too large but then drowns you in significant debt. If you’re concerned about saving money, you could add a small pool decking area first then upgrade it later on. Remember, patio additions and landscaping complete your pool area, so you should invest in them too. The next time you have money, you can add pavers and lights.

Above-Ground Pools Would Suffice Too

Can’t afford an in-ground pool yet? Get an above-ground instead! These pools come at various prices that can fit your budget, no matter how limited your money is. Quality above-ground pools cost around $50 to $7,000. Clearly, it’s an understatement to say that their price range is wide. You could even purchase one worth $10 for your babies! But of course, it’s better if the whole family can enjoy the pool. These pools also come with features you can purchase later on, like additional slides and stairs. Plus, above-ground pools are easy to use and are ready for swimming after one or two days.

Big Isn’t Always Better


When considering the size of your future pool, bear in mind that a big pool isn’t always convenient. So, if you’re low on budget, you have to scale down the size of your pool. But it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the purpose of your pool. Remember that it’s still better if your pool can handle all the splashing, pool parties, relaxation, naughty kids, and so on. If there’s no reason for you to swim 20’ laps, you don’t have to get a big one. Get a smaller pool, and you can spend less money on construction, maintenance, and repairs.

The Features Can Wait


Don’t be in a rush to get all those fancy features, my friend. They can wait. I know you’re excited about your backyard pool to turn into your dream backyard pool, but if you are low on budget, it’s best to stick with what’s needed as of the moment. Remember that features will make the initial cost higher, so only add them the next time you have money intended for the upgrading of your pool. Also, don’t forget to talk to a pool expert when it comes to the plumbing of additional features in the future, like fountains, slides, diving boards, and spillover waterfalls. You might want to consider adding a pool heater as well since it can make your pool useful for the whole year, especially if you’re living in a colder climate. However, I repeat, features can wait. If they aren’t a necessity, then just add them over time to reduce the initial cost.

Final Words

Remember to give ample time for proper planning. Your dream pool can’t be a reality if you don’t plan correctly. Decide on the size, identify your budget, and stick to your plan. Also, don’t forget to keep your pool safe for everyone at all times.