Polaris F9550 Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Review of Polaris F9550

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

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Review Summary

The Polaris F9550 combines everything you need in a robotic pool cleaner with just about everything you might ever want. It’s programmable but can change its programming based on the latest in artificial intelligence and mapping technology. It can clean up everything and will let you know when it’s easy-to-empty filter is full. It’s even programmable seven days in advance and can climb walls well enough that it has a waterline cleaning mode.

You aren’t getting all of that for free, obviously, or even cheaply. The F9550 costs a lot of money. It’s also not all-that-great at cleaning steps and can get tangled in its power cord.

Polaris 9550 – A Quick Look

  • Sets own course
  • Can clean waterline
  • Cleans up everything
  • Mobile for its size
  • Expensive
  • Can tangle up with the power cord
  • Not very good on steps


Brand name: Polaris

Model: F9550

Type: Robotic

Pool type: Inground

Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 11 inches

Weight: 21 lbs.

Polaris F9550 filter

ActivMotion sensor

The promise of a robotic pool cleaner is that of freedom. The owner can set it loose and the robot controls the rest of it. That worked, kind of, in the early days. With the growth of mapping and AI technology, things have improved greatly. The Polaris F9550 offers the latest advancements in self-control and self-programming cleaning with the ActivMotion sensor that tells the cleaner when and where to clean the rest of the pool, and also at what speed.

Easy lift system

One part of using a pool cleaner that is just plain work is getting the thing out of the water. They can be heavy and waterlogged, you have to bend over to pull them out, and it’s awkward to pull them out of the water. The F9550 will drive itself to the surface and drain itself of water making it lighter and easier to pull out. It’s also got a handle to grab so that you’re not left wrapping your hands around a bulky chassis.

Once you get it out of the water, it comes with a handy caddy to wheel it around. Transporting it away from the pool has never been easier.

Limited downtime for debris disposal

Most pool cleaners, when full, just shut off without letting you know that they’re full. The Polaris F9550 comes with a filled filter indicator to let you know when it’s full and needs to be emptied. This is a valuable time saver, especially when paired with the cleaner’s easy-empty filter. The light comes on, you remove the filter, shake it a couple of times to empty it, and in a few additional seconds it’s right back to sweeping up sand and leaves from your pool’s bottom

Wide-mouth intake

Leaves of grass or grit of sand, it makes no difference for the F9550. It comes with a wide intake mouth that can sweep it all up so you don’t have to choose whether you want fine materials cleaned up or major debris. Combined with powerful suction and the F9550’s internal controls and you’ll have your entire pool clean in just a little time.

Waterline cleaning mode

One source of constant ire for pool owners is that their cleaners always have a hard time cleaning the water line. Either the cleaner won’t climb the walls well enough to do the job, or it hits that line and the presence of oxygen prompts it to go back below. The F9550 comes with a special mode to scrub the waterline, where the water’s surface tends to accumulate a heavy amount of debris.

Polaris F9550 controls


How much power cord comes with this pool cleaner?

60 feet.

What kind of warranty comes with this?

All Polaris robotic pool cleaners come with a two-year limited warranty.

Does this require a booster pump?

No. Robotic pool cleaners use wall power as a means for locomotion and to power cleaning. Pressure-side cleaners, which use the back half of the pool’s circulation system, often require an additional booster pump for operation.

What the Users Say

Most people who bought the Polaris F9550 had positive things to say about it in online reviews. A majority of those who gave it positive ratings were quick simple in their praise. It does a great job cleaning pools, they said. This is a reminder that people don’t buy robotic pool cleaners for the specific features and gizmos. They buy it because they want something to clean a major home investment and want it to clean it with a minimum of hassle.

One other thing that it drew praise on was its ease of use. Users were able to program it and let it get to work in a very short period of time, saving owners time and energy.

Like other pool cleaners, some owners left negative ratings because it tends to get stuck on drains. That especially appears to be a problem in a pool’s deep end. There were also more than a few who reported that it just simply stopped working in the middle of a cleaning cycle and could not be coaxed back into operation. This, by the way, is a frequent criticism of pool cleaners in general.

But, overall, more than half of owners reported positive experiences with the Polaris F9550.


The Polaris F9550 has a lot of features that people have always wanted in a pool cleaner. It’s powerful, easy-to-maintain and with its easy lift feature and caddy a snap to get around your patio. It can chart its own path and clean at the waterline. Best of all, it comes with a wide-mouth intake to scoop up debris large and small, a good sized collection filter and an indicator light to let you know when it needs to be emptied.

It does have the tendency to get caught in the power cord, and it doesn’t climb steps to clean those. It also costs a lot of money, which admittedly is a much smaller deal considering the overall costs of digging in and maintaining a pool. The drawbacks weren’t that big a deal with people who bought it, most of whom think it works just swell.