Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner Review

Polaris F9550 Sport


Need a high-quality pool cleaner that’s worth every penny you have? Get the Polaris 9550 Sport by Zodiac! This progressive, 4-wheel drive robotic pool cleaner is excellent at getting rid of debris and dirt from the sides and floor of your in-ground pool.

Check out its specs, features, advantages, disadvantages, and customer reviews below.


Size 17 x 19 x 11 inches
Weight 21 lbs.
Manufacturer Zodiac
Easy Lift System Included
Easy Clean Filter Canister Included
Remote Control Included
Brush Solid-Blade
Warranty 2 years limited warranty
Amazon Avg. Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars

Features of the Product

Motion-Sensing Remote

The remote is one convenient feature that this product boasts of. The remote allows the user to choose from seven cleaning cycles. It also enables the editing of cycle duration and the day or time. Now the cleaning control rests upon your very hand.

Easy Lift System

Need to get it out of the pool? That’s simple! Just a touch of the lift button and wait for the Polaris F9550 to move toward you and surface by climbing the wall. There, it’ll wait for your hand to grab it, and it’ll leave the water effortlessly from your pool. There’s definitely no complication in that!

Dirty Canister Indicator

Other robotic cleaners don’t feature this, which makes Polaris F9550 Sport something better. With the indicator, you don’t have to guess if the canister’s filled with dirt already because it’ll tell you when it’s time to empty the canister.

Vortex Vacuum Technology

Suspend all debris for lasting suction and outstanding cleaning performance with this feature. This tech enables the cleaner to pick up large debris and maintain suction at the same time.

Easy Clean Filter Canister

Debris can quickly be removed just by doing a simple shake and spray.

7-day programmable timer

Hooray for this fully customizable timer! You can set and forget the cleaner thanks to this feature. No more babysitting!

ActivMotion Sensor®

One of the most significant highlights of the F9550 is its sensor which controls the position of the robot at all costs. It also enables the cleaner to reach all the areas that need to be cleaned.

4-Wheel Drive Technology

This technology allows the cleaner to sanitize not only the pool floor but also the walls. It can even scrub the tile line with its ever-reliable solid blade scrubbing brush.

Aqua-Trax Tires

These sturdy tiles can reach all pool surfaces with ease for superior cleaning.

Waterline Only Cleaning Cycle

This feature is made exclusively for tile line scrubbing, so choose this cleaning option when you only need to clean the waterline.

Why Should You Buy the Polaris F9550 Sport?

The answer is quite simple. There are so many options available for you. Aside from the cleaning cycles; Polaris F9550 also allows you to choose from three cleaning pool surfaces options: bottom and sides, bottom only, and waterline only. You could even select the intensity of cleaning: intensive or high. To boot, the F9550 can also clean any in-ground pool whether it’s rectangular or freeform. Once you’ve chosen your preferences, the cleaner will begin cleaning. It’ll even display the remaining amount of time, so there’s absolutely no guesswork here. It also comes with a powder coated alloy caddy! What more can pool owners ask for?

Pros & Cons


  • It has an innovative, aquadynamic design that doesn’t look boring.
  • It’s excellent when it comes to cleaning the entire pool.
  • It comes with loads of programming options that enable users to customize the cleaning method fully.
  • It’s proven to be sturdy, lasting longer than expected.
  • It only requires 150 watts of electricity to operate.
  • You can run the machine for up to 10 hours if you wish.
  • It can pick up debris and dirt from tight corners and under the pool stairs.
  • It comes with a well-designed caddy.
  • The canister is large which means it can hold lots of debris. It is also easier to clean than a filter bag.
  • The indicator eliminates guessing whether the canister’s full or not.


  • You can’t control the speed of the cleaning cycle; you can only choose the intensity.
  • The remote response is slow.
  • It has no swivel device. This means you’ll have to untangle the cable manually before storing the cleaner because the cord easily tangles itself. This also means you can’t forget the cleaner after one day even if you’ve set it to clean for seven days. You still have to untangle daily.

What Are Customers Saying About It?


Many buyers acknowledged how easy it was to read the instructions and use the machine. Most customers also loved the efficiency of the cleaner, saying it gets the job done. According to them, it cleans the bottom and sides of the pool with ease and does as advertised. A lot of customers say it’s an awesome investment for pool owners because it has no problem when it comes to picking up debris and climbing walls. It’s also worth the money because it needs no babysitting. A customer even mentioned that if it flips upside down, it will automatically flip itself back right up. The design was also appreciated, as well as the sturdiness of the machine. Customers also lauded how it thoroughly cleans pools in just a short time. Taking it out quickly from the pool was an advantage many customers loved thanks to the easy lift feature. All in all, they say it works like magic.

Despite all the positive reviews, there were still complaints. For one, a few customers mentioned that it’s inefficient at cleaning because it blows dirt particles from the rear of the unit as it moves around. Some users also disliked the fact that it only worked for a year or a few weeks. The cord gets easily twisted as well, which is something most pool owners can’t handle. A few buyers also said it’s too expensive for the price.


Obviously, the Polaris 9550 Sport has all the decent features you can find in an efficient robotic pool cleaner. Although it isn’t perfect, it’s still one proficient machine that lessens the jobs of pool owners and saves them the time, effort, and money to hire a pool professional. If you think you’re into it, then I suggest you visit Amazon right away and read more reviews to help you decide. You can check the latest price there too.