How to Prevent Your Pool Cleaner from Getting Stuck

Whatever brand of suction pool cleaner you have, if it’s stuck, it’s stuck. And you have the responsibility of saving it. Don’t worry; the process won’t be taxing.

So, let’s skip the lengthy introduction and proceed to the preventive measures you ought to know.


Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900







Storing and maintaining your pool cleaner and hose the right way matters; it affects the performance of your cleaner after all. So, when storing the hoses, be sure you have them laid straight, not curled. Curled tubes can cause the cleaner to tangle and speed up the wear on the hose.

Hose Weight

Don’t put the hose weight on top of the unit. This will cause your pool cleaner to lean far back, which won’t, in any way, bring good news to you in the future. The best place to begin the weight is in the middle of your second hose, then adjust it appropriately to balance your pool cleaner. Know that the hose should be moved up or down based on the depth of your pool to achieve proper balance.

Hose Length

Garden_hoseDon’t use a hose that’s too long; it’ll just call the attention of Mr. Tangle and cause your cleaner to get stuck. The formula for the ideal hose length would be:

The length of your skimmer basket to the farthest edge of your pool + an extra meter

However, the shape of your swimming pool is a factor that should be considered as well. Adjust depending on the irregularity of your pool’s shape.

Water Flow

Lastly, to prevent your cleaner from getting stuck, check the flow of the water in your pool. You could make little adjustments to the water pressure to avoid bringing trouble to your cleaner.


If your cleaner got stuck on the main drain, the best solution would be to switch off the suction to the main pipe.


And that’s it! Follow these tips and easily prevent your cleaner from getting stuck!